The game uses a cookie slot to obtain personal identification information from a user's computer. Although most browsers will accept cookies automatically, if you wish, you can set them to warn you after you refuse cookies or send cookies. Like most web sites, slot games collect standard visitor information like your platforms (such as Windows 2000, Windows and Client); at the time when you visit Slot Game Slots game, this program you use to browse a slot game site (eg IE, Firefox ); Referral Page and Eb. There is no personally identifiable information from this information. Gambling Games Do not track your sport game, all sports are playing in a fun game site, no betting activity will be recorded. Game Slot uses Web quality to create an HTML page, and will provide this page correctly according to quality, and fail for non-standard browsers. The entire site is designed in a pussy, before loading page loading speed of 7-10%. To respond to user requests or site submissions, we may ask users for information about your email address or other information, and this information is kept confidential. Slot Game does not sell or distribute any personal information.